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roland ramierez and sarah carbocci that run top horse solutions (horse training)in lampasas texas accepted money from me and didn't train my horses, they were using my stables(in killeen texas) so it was not an urgency until they did the same to a boarder there and was confronted.they charge people for training their horse collect the money and only train maybe 4 days and charge a month.they act very nice, but beware they are crooked people.

if you have them train, make sure you are there every time.also do not let your horse be in their care they will not feed or water, your horse will be neglected.

Monetary Loss: $2200.


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I did not have a very good experience with Top and his so called Top Horse Solutions.I thought he would teach me what to do with trainin my horse but his training took place when I wasnt around.

I now have more issues with this horse then before, and told time and time again he wasn't worked.

I was over charged for the time he did work him. There is nothing professional about his business or boarding faclity. He and his employees are shady money hungry people.

They claim to be family friendly and they aren't. Theres no set rates... they charge everyone differently. I

have nothing positive to say.

And I discourage anyone to go there..its not worth it.


I know they cant be trusted since that ranch that they have was paid for by Sarah's husbands reenlistment bonus and his deployment money that they took away when he was deployed. also after years of him paying her and doing the right thing trying to get a divorce from her for 7 years he stopped paying her and top coached her into calling his chain of command to get more money from him. he claims to help soldiers out but if he was a true vet he would have never did what he did to a actual vet!


Top donated training lessons to a wonderful benifit for Returning Vets.It was a gift to my wife that due to personal reasons was unable to make for some time.

Top put the lessons on hold until she was ready. This weekend she and our 4yr grand daughter went for there lesson that lasted well beong the scheduled time.

Top got both girls up and riding.the day was a hugh sucess and the girls will be going back again.


They are still doing the same out at their new place. Bottom line is money they talk a good game seem so nice.


My experience with Top was very good. Not only did he show me how to communicate what I needed from my horse, but went out of his way to ensure we were safe and well taken care of. As for money being his motivation? Again, my experience is not like "All used up."

I was introduced to Top through Blue Bonnet and I saw a man giving his time to 4-H groups, volunteering time to Blue Bonnet Horse Rescue foster homes, appearing as spokeman and working with horse therapy groups.

I have become a fan of not only Top Horse Solutions, but of a retired Marine who never stops giving.

Thank you Top


I wonder about people who lodge complaints against others. All that does is feed the monster. The monster can be anything negative. It breeds negativity.

I am sorry for "used up" and "Jeanna," that because of a personal dispute with Top and Sarah, they find it necessary to drag their personal business into this public arena of horse care and training.

Please consider who these comments effect. I may be off base here and I'm willing (are you?) to see all sides of this conflict. Personal habits (true or not) are personal. I would bet that the original complaint had more to do with a personal dispute than with the treatment of your horses.

There are horses out there that are abused, abandoned and on their way to the slaughter house and the comments you're making will only close the door to one more avenue of salvation for our four legged friends. Top (and Sarah?) may have caused you personally, some kind of grief, but I seriously doubt your horses wee treated the way you claim.

My comments are based on what I've read in this blog. I do not know any of these people personally. My decision to donate my horse was based on research and conversations with people who've worked with Top Horse Solutions.

My horse is in good hands.


shouldnt you stop taking drugs sarah? isnt that what wrecked you before?


i know isnt she a bad person!


sarah, i know it's you commenting, you are unbelieveable! i guess you'll say anything to draw attention away from the truth


Jeanna, you know that is not true.Top did lots of stuff for you and many of us.

I was there all last year and this when he worked all your horses, and you know it. Your mad he charged you and not some of us. Plus you kept hitting on Walter. Everyone grew tired of your *** and many of us left, and now your attacking Top?


Stop taking your drugs, abusing your child, and treat Ricky better.Your such an unhappy person!

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